After effects user not found

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After effects user not found

Post by kaiserlicht »


after updating our nim 4.0.67 everytime we are starting after effects nim wants to change the user name. after typing in our user name which is working in maya houdini etc. after effects is saying our user name does not exist. "User not found!"

everything is in place and all paths are working. it´s happening in ae 2021 and 2020, this looks like a bug.



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Re: After effects user not found

Post by andrew »

Hi Alex,

We just tested AE 2020 and AE 2021 and were unable to recreate this issue.

Can you make sure that when you updated the VM to 4.0.67 that you also updated the Connectors to 4.0.67.

If you can confirm that the connectors have been properly updated you can try deleting your NIM preferences.

The NIM preferences are in the following locations:
Windows: drive:/Users/[USERNAME]/.nim
OSX: /Users/[USERNAME]/.nim
Linux: /home/[USERNAME]/.nim

Delete or rename the ".nim" folder. This will force recreate the preferences the next time you launch the connector. You will be presented with a dialog box to enter the NIM script path as well as the API URL. Follow the standard instructions for setting the paths and see if you still encounter the issue.

If you are still having a problem please email so we can help you further.

Thank you,

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