publishing a frame stack to dailies

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publishing a frame stack to dailies

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Hello everyone,

Is it possible to publish a frame stack to dailies? making a QT only to have it re-encoded into a new format by NIM seems redundant.
Assuming we needed to create a QT to submit to dailies, can we pre-encode into a codec blessed by NIM, and avoid having to re-encode it upon uploading to dailies?



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Re: publishing a frame stack to dailies

Post by andrew »

Hi Gene,

There is not a mechanism to upload a frame stack, however NIM will not recompress/resize if the upload matches NIM's internal proxy specs. So if the uploaded movie is 960x540 h264/x264 it will be directly used rather than re-encoded. Our Deadline Draft template is an example of this. Using the template shipped with the connectors the uploaded Draft QT is not re-encoded upon upload. NIM will however still create alternate formats for HTML5 video compatibility.


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