Review video not stacking versions

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Review video not stacking versions

Post by thomas »

we are uploading review videos together with our renders like this:

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result = nimAPI.add_render(taskID=self.taskID, renderName='%s' % os.path.basename(seqpath))
if result['success'] == 'true':
    movresult = nimAPI.upload_reviewItem(renderID=result['ID'], path=mov, submit=1, description=notes)
Everything is fine, except when I take a at the version tab inside NIM it does only show this single file, regardless if it is v03 and the earlier versions also exist inside NIM.
Is it because we attach the video to the render instead of the task and would taskID= instead of renderID= solve this? (the video belongs to the render I think...)


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Re: Review video not stacking versions

Post by andrew »

Hi Thomas,

Review versions are stacked based on the context in which they are uploaded to. When uploading an item for review, they will be version stacked at the various levels including: job, dev, asset, show, shot, and task.

Render works a little differently since the render item acts as the group. The render assumes that review items attached are per unique pass in the render. When attaching review items to a render you should see a single render item, but then in the renders review list at the top of the panel you should see the full list of attached review items.
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If you are looking to stack multiple versions of the same render, ie v01, v02, v03... it may be better organizationally to upload these to the task instead.

In the upload_reviewItem() function, instead of using renderID or taskID, you should use itemID and itemType by setting itemID to your taskID and the itemType to "task" as outlined here:

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def upload_reviewItem( taskID=None, renderID=None, renderKey=None, itemID=None, itemType=None, path=None, submit=None, \
    name=None, description=None, reviewItemTypeID=0, reviewItemStatusID=0, keywords=None, nimURL=None, apiKey=None ) :
    # nimURL and apiKey are optional for Render API Key overrride
    #   Required Fields:
    #      itemID       integer         the ID of the parent to attach the review item
    #      itemType     string          options user, job, asset, show, shot, task, render
    #      path         string          the path of the item to upload
    # 2 option fields for backwards compatibility:
    #      renderID or renderKey or taskID
    #      $_FILE[]
    # renderKey is passed for association from render manager (deadlineID)
    # free association is made with render based on renderKey 
    #      should look up jobID and taskID from renderKey and set based on render
    # If taskID is passed, NIM will create a new render to associate with the review item
    # # Optional
    # submit is optional to mark uploaded dailies for review - value is either: 0  or 1 (DEPRICATED)
    # name                string      The NIM name for the review item - if empty will use filename
    # description         string      Description for the review item
    # reviewItemTypeID    integer     The review item type ID
    # reviewItemStatusID  integer     The review status ID
    # keywords            list        ["keyword1", "keyword2"]

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