Shot and Asset Publish // Autodesk Flame

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Shot and Asset Publish // Autodesk Flame

Post by ChrisKastenNHB »

Hi there,

I'm wondering, how you publish extra plates and assets out of Flame.
Right now, when you publish a shot for the first time an openclip is generated, based on the clip on the basetrack of your timeline.

But when you want to publish a plate at a later point, with a different framerange, the openclip gets changed on it's v00 track.
To avoid this, you need to publish this plate together with the main-plate underneath to keep the openclip intact.

Is this the intended workflow?
Shouldn't there be an "asset publish"?

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Re: Shot and Asset Publish // Autodesk Flame

Post by andrew »

Hi Chris,

I'm not sure I followed this exactly but it sounds like this is a process of how Flame's timeline publishing works.

The connector itself doesn't dictate what can and can't happen in a publish or affect anything on the timeline other than adding versions to existing clips. It merely takes the information from the export and logs it into NIM. When using any of the Update OpenClips menu options, NIM gathers a list of potential items to update the clips with, pulls the metadata using Flame's dl_get_media_info application, and then appends any non-matching items to the existing openclip.

The actual publish process launched by the NIM connector is a standard Flame export dictated by Flame export preset settings. The connector uses the Flame event hooks to listen for any information sent out during the Flame export and does not have any direct control over the actual export.

I'm not sure if that exactly answers your questions, but I wanted to help paint a picture of what is handled by the NIM connector and what is an inherit process of Flame.


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