NIM 4.0.57 VM & Connectors Available Now

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NIM 4.0.57 VM & Connectors Available Now

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NIM 4.0.57 includes the ability to duplicate bid line items, the ability to manually sort custom dropdowns, an update for Flame 2020.3 compatibility and well as a number of bug fixes.

New Features
  • Custom Fields - Custom dropdown options can now be sorted manually or automatically sorted alphabetically.
  • Connectors - Flame: Updated for compatibility with Flame 2020.3 using QT5.
  • Bidding - Added a new "Duplicate Items" button to the bid estimate which duplicates all selected bid items.
  • API - The getBasenames (HTTP) / get_bases (Python) API calls have been updated: parameters "taskType" and "taskTypeID" have been added for clarity; added option to only pass show, asset, or shot ID variables to get all basenames for the parent item.
  • Show Sequence - Fixed a bug where deleting a show and then stepping into a different show on the same job could potentially cause you to step into the wrong show.
  • Jobs - Fixed bug where, after immediately creating and saving a new job, opening a job from the job list required 2 clicks instead of 1.
  • Invoices - Solved an issue in Job Invoices where the Overdue total in the dashboard wasn't being calculated correctly in some specific situations.
  • Custom Fields - Fixed bug where, in some specific situations, changes to dropdown option labels wouldn't be saved and would need to be re-applied.
  • Connectors - Flame: Updated Scan for Versions to properly update Flame open clips when multilayer exrs were found.
  • Actualization - Invoice-related totals in the Margins grid in Studio Actuals weren't taking into account exchange rate conversions when invoices were in a different currency than the studio currency. (These totals displayed correctly everywhere else in NIM.) This has been fixed.

NIM Updates can be accessed from the Client Portal located here: Once logged into the Client Portal, look for the Downloads section and navigate to the “Updates” tab. Release notes are available from the Update tab.

Important: NIM 4.x updates can only be applied to a NIM 4.x VM. If you have not migrated to NIM 4.x please see the instructions here: ... to-nim-4-0

* Please note your NIM Client Portal login credentials are not associated with your NIM VM user account. The login details for the NIM Client Portal can be found in the email you received for your initial setup of NIM.

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