NIM 4.0.48 VM Update Available

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NIM 4.0.48 VM Update Available

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NIM 4.0.48 includes several new features and bug fixes for NIM 4.0.

NIM 4.0.48 New Features
  • Scheduling - Added multi-select to filter the list of users by selected user groups.
  • Scheduling - Added option to Users dropdown to filter the list of users by the crew of the selected job.
  • Bidding - In addition to overall markup / discount and VAT percentages, the total amounts deducted or added are now displayed in bid PDFs.
NIM 4.0.48 Fixes
  • Users - The admin users list no longer scrolls to the top whenever user info is saved.
  • Scheduling - Fixed an issue where new events that were created while a filter was applied were not being shown, even if they met the filter requirement.
  • Bidding - Bid PDF page break settings in Admin now correctly carry over to newly-created bids.

NIM Updates can be accessed from the Client Portal located here: Once logged into the Client Portal, look for the Downloads section and navigate to the “Updates” tab. Release notes are available from the Update tab.

Important: NIM 4.x updates can only be applied to a NIM 4.x VM. If you have not migrated to NIM 4.x please see the instructions here: ... to-nim-4-0

* Please note your NIM Client Portal login credentials are not associated with your NIM VM user account. The login details for the NIM Client Portal can be found in the email you received for your initial setup of NIM.

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